Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

University Art Gallery

Art is Mystery

Eve Fowler

October 3 through November 1

In her upcoming show that opens on October 3, Eve Fowler will be showing work related to a public art project that used the Gertrude Stein text from Tender Buttons and photographs of her community and friends. The text in the public art project is broadly accessible, open to interpretation yet very subtly coded. The photographs that will accompany the Stein project may be a bit less subtle and more confrontational.

Alumni Exhibition

November 7 through December 6

Featuring the work of Grant Shaffer, Tommy Garcia, Laura Krifka, Erik Marinovich, Heather Finnecy, and Garet Zook.

Vivian Maier

January 9 through February 14
Opening reception January 9, 5pm with movie "The Vivian Maier Mystery".
Encore movie, January 11, 11am

The work of Vivian Maier has taken the photography world by storm. Who was she? Why didn't she exhibit her work when she was alive? How did she take such extradinary images?

Digital Media

February 21 through March 14

A survey of New Media work from around California. What's new in electronic art making? New technologies have changed contemporary culture and the arts. Even though there is no escaping the technical challenges in computer art, quality is determined by the strength of the concept and the vision as well as the craft. This exhibition features work from up and coming digital artists and their research in the field.

Annual Student Exhibition

April 10 through May 15

The very best of graphic design, studio art, and photography compete for prizes and bragging rights.

BFA Exhibitions

May 22 through June 6

The final event. The big send off. The last hurrah. The culmination of a career at Cal Poly. Featuring comic book illustration, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, and sculpture from Art and Design's graduating Fine Art and Photography Seniors.